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 good service  
by michael on 9/20/10
Good service

 Live Tracking 
by Karl on 9/13/10
Live tracking apps are really cool !!!!!

 finding locations 
by Tamyeka on 9/12/10
looks interesting

by Amy on 9/7/10
I have Iphone 4G but my daughter phone is a droid through verizon - can i use this program without her knowing it? if so how?

 bada os 
by ods on 8/31/10
will you support Bada OS?

 Crashes on iPhone 4 
by Mark Dey on 8/28/10
Continually crashes on iPhone 4 when switching between Map and Contacts

by shelley on 8/26/10
hi, i want to know if i have a iphone4 and want to track my friends, does she or he must own a iphone too??? or any other phone will do?? what does she or he needs in the phone so that i can use your system??

 Nice Apps! 
by Kelly on 6/23/10
I really like your Apps.

 Great Idea 
by Nichole on 6/21/10
What a great way to stay connected with people and I love the OPTION of whether of not you'd like your location known. Good to know I still have a choice...

 Live Tracking for Android 
by Locimobile Support on 6/18/10
LOCiMOBILE currently has 2 apps in the Android market. Gps Tracking: This app allows users to share their location via notification (In form of SMS). The app offers privacy through an opt in Yes or No whether to share your location or not with each request. For live Tracking, with only requesting permission one time and then the app runs in the background and can report its location on user set intervals (every 1 minute, 5 minutes, 60 minutes, etc) Tracking is perfect to know the whereabouts of family members, friends and co-workers that you trust and care for and want to know where they are at all times. Tracking is only possible if added users provide their consent to it (Users privacy is protected). Currently Real time Tracking is possible for android/blackberry as they support background processes. Both the apps can be found in the Google market, you can search for gtx and both apps will show up or search GPS Tracking or Tracking. For your reference here is a link which shows both the apps:

 No Permission Needed?? 
by MikeS on 6/16/10
Will any of your apps ever have the ability to permanently opt-in a loved one so that you can locate without the need to give permission?? My wife and I would like to check on eachother without the need for permission each time. Plus it could work great to find a lost or stolen phone. We would be willing to PAY for this...

 Keep on truck'n! 
by Zack on 6/9/10
Your apps are great!

 What will you think of next? 
by Alex on 6/2/10
Your Apps are awesome!

 TCP/IP location upload 
by Karsten Schmidt on 6/1/10
A lot of our customers ask for a GPS tracking device solution for iPhone to view and manage their location with our Windows based software. Is one of your app able to send the current location permanently to an preset IP / Port address?

 Positive feedback 
by Fruitmungous on 5/26/10
Hi, 1. Is it possible to get the maps to default to street view instead of hybrid? 2. Is it possible on the locations page to show all of the contacts at the same time on one screen, including myself? 3. Can you change it back so that you can just send location details without having to go into the map view first? thanks

 Very Cool! 
by Captain Jack on 5/25/10
Nice App!

 when gps will come to South Korea. 
by bkhong on 5/21/10
I'm a Korean, I ask you when GPS will use this country? From Seoul Korea.

 Fabulous App 
by Ben on 5/18/10
I use your GPS Tracking App every day.

 Real Life Tracking 
by GiGi on 5/12/10
I would love to have an option that if your contact is OK with it, you could continue tracking after it accept or sends you location. What I mean is that it will show where and which direction he/she moving, and not just know where the person is at the time when you requested location.

 Reviewed on 
by Kaly on 5/11/10
Hello, Kaly from is here. It gives me a pleasure to say that we have featured your GPS Tracking Apps on Please check out our review and feel free to comment on it in case you think we missed something.

GPS Tracking Apps on

Best regards, Kaly (the editor and co-founder)

 Cool Apps 
by Studly on 5/5/10
I like your stuff

by tae on 4/30/10
how can i activate another phone?

by Spyder on 4/29/10
I like your GPS Tracking App!

 Great Apps! 
by JT on 4/19/10
Keep them coming!

 GPS Tracking Device Change 
by Grae on 4/17/10
Hi! I am registered and recently bought a new iphone to replace my older one. Why do I get a message :A registration attempt has been made for your account on a different device. You may choose to: Deactivate if not registered click on deactivate the attempt. I would like to still use this application on my new iphone. How can I solve this? Thanks.

 I really like your GPS Tracking Application 
by Frank on 4/15/10
Keep the updates coming! I use the app every day.

 Unlocked iPhones 
by LOCi Tech Support on 4/12/10
Please note our apps are not supported on un-locked phones and will not work on jail break phones

 GPS Tracking App 
by Jane M on 4/12/10
It works great with my freinds that have iPhones, and I just downloaded to my iPad.

 Love the GPS Tracking App! 
by Phil on 4/8/10
Very useful with Great features!

 Invalid User 
by John on 4/6/10
If Invalid User/pending authorization, then check if iphone Notifications are ON. Then Delete App and Install again, that should do it!!!!!

 Gps tracking 
by James ordaz on 4/5/10
My contacts are still pending

by LG on 4/5/10
I really like the Facebook feature. I hope to see more soon.!!!!

 Just bought GPS Tracking Ap and love it 
by Alex on 4/3/10
Already has a ton of great features but you seem to update it all the time. what's next?

 GPS Tracking 
by Bryant on 4/3/10
If I have an iPhone and my friend has an Android phone can we share locations?

 other phones 
by Voost on 4/3/10
when are you coming out with a BB version?

 Rate of Enhancements 
by jz on 4/2/10
The rate at which you guys are coming out with new improvements to your apps really makes the purchase price well worth it. Thanks for your commitment to your apps.

 Track My Kids 
by barnaby on 4/2/10
My son and I have a renewed relationship now that I can unobtrusively see his location via our GPS Tracking iPhone app.

by Luke on 4/1/10
I found the app to be more accurate when I was outdoors, is that because like other GPS devices my phone needs line of site to the sky?

by Sammy on 4/1/10
I love the new Facebook feature. Perfect for letting all my friends know where I am. Thanks loci

 need live pinging tracking 
by Kevin Burdette on 3/10/10
when i google map something, it shows me (blue ping dot) on the map in real-time, moving as i move, turning as i turn. we need an app like that, without the other person having to accept every time. my wife and i would like to use for each other and our kids, so no privacy issue, they could activate or accept one time and leave it on, so i could look at their location anytime. that would be a great app

 new version rocks 
by Jude on 2/19/10
I just downloaded the new GPS Traking and the new facebook and turn by turn directions are great.

 Facebook and Twitter 
by Sage on 2/19/10
Love how easy the Facebook and Twitter feature is to use. Now all my freinds know where I am by pushing one button- very cool

 Finding my friends 
by Abraham stepanian on 2/17/10
This is one of best softwares I like that

by Alfodin on 2/15/10
Quiero probar la AppStore

 Love the App 
by David Davis on 2/11/10
I had heard some much about this. Now that i HAVE IT on my itunes. I just love it. It;s such a smart thing to have on the phone.

by Luis on 1/27/10
Muy bueno

 Awesome and Easy to Use 
by Ron on 1/18/10
This app makes it easy to find your family and friends at the push of a button; excellent usage of the iPhone's GPS capabilities!

 Useful app 
by Chuck on 1/18/10
GPS Tracking is one of the few apps I have that is actually useful.

 GPS Apps 
by Bob Smithe on 1/15/10
This app has really revolutionized the way I communicate.

 Thanks locimobile 
by Julio on 1/14/10
This is the best app ever created, love the fact you can get to anyone by using your gps without the whole hustle

 GPS tracking 
by Albert on 1/3/10
Just got this app. It's so easy to use and accurate. Thanks.

by jerry on 1/2/10
Found what I was looking for on your FAQ page. thanks loci

 cool GPS Tracking 
by Liz on 12/28/09
found this gps tracking app on itunes top 25 list, I downloaded and love it. Easy way to connect with friends

 In the know 
by Courtcam on 10/26/09
This app is scarily precise and easy. The safety comes in the willingness to accept to participate. It comes in quite handy when meeting up with friends.

 new version of iLOCi2 
by Patty on 10/15/09
Love it...had all 8 of my contacts used up, now have 16- double the fun. Can we expect more on the next release? Keep it up team loci

 LOCi review 
by Lisa on 9/30/09

by Joel on 9/27/09
I used the app with my family while on vacation and it worked flawlessly.

by Peter on 9/15/09
Great app, would love it to give travel directions when freinds are located

by Robin on 9/12/09
My friends and I are having such a great time with this app. Everyone has to try it. Love it WAY TO GO

 Great App 
by Sam on 9/10/09
I wish everyone would try the download. Once you try it, your hooked on it. Just fantastic. thanks guys

 Really Cool 
by Keith on 8/26/09
I can't tell you wonderful this app is. I love just seeing where my family are. It's also very quick and easy to download. I just to scream out how everyone needs to have this. Christmas here I come. LOCi

by Leslie on 8/26/09
Not ONLY does this app help me find my friends so easily, but I "LOCi'd" myself after I'd parked my car and lo and behold I had a pinpoint to get back to! SO USEFUL!

by Burt on 8/25/09
What can I say but you need to have this on your IPOD OR Iphone. It is a must have. I just want to let people know how happy I am with this.

by Sajay on 8/25/09
This product is like a mircle come true. I bought it for my parents because they are new to this country. I follow where they are just through this amazing app. I Highly recommend this to all your family and friends.

by Bob on 8/24/09
I was out in the Marina trying to find my buddies. It was easy to find the People. LOCi Thanks

by Bruce on 8/24/09
Highly recommend this a app

by Jonathan on 8/24/09
I have sprint&they have GPS, but not the people finder. Will they be offering this app?

by Tommy on 8/24/09
I just got back from a boating weekend. A friend had this app on his phone. It was unbelievable how his friends found us and where we had been. Gotta Love it. today I downloaded on my phone.

by Gloria on 8/24/09
Once I saw this on GMA I knew I had to have it. My husband gets lost all the time. I just send him out of the house with his phone and we don't worry about it at all. Great for the peace of mind it brings.

by Kathy on 8/24/09
With my son going off to college this is just what we needed. I have it on his IPOD&IPHONE. This way his father and me can locate him when he's away. He had already told me he wasn't everyday. Now he doesn't have to.

 Sooo Cool 
by David on 8/24/09
This is so cool. Went to a concert last night and found my friends so fast with this new app. Just love it and spreading the word.

by Bobbie on 8/24/09
This is amazing for me. I can now relax when my parents go out. I don't have to worry about them wandering around and not knowing where they are. This is so helpful

by Jenna on 8/24/09
Best invention.

 Love It 
by Stephen on 8/23/09
I love the fact that I no longer need to text my teenager. I know where they are now.

by leslie Dee on 8/23/09
I used it when I was going to party. It was great. Found it without a problem. It makes life so much easier now.

 cool app 
by Ben on 8/17/09
This app is very cool and helpful! That LOCi girl sold me on it

by Justin on 8/17/09
My friend showed me this app last night, and it's crazy-cool! I couldn't believe how accurate it was. And your spokesgirl is just as unbelievable in her cuteness. You LOCi people are definitely doing some things right!

 Great app 
by Laura on 8/17/09
This is such a great app. - very useful. Also, the iLoci girl is darling.

 Where are the kids? 
by CodeAmber on 7/24/09
As the Founder of I have made it my business to help find missing kids. Every parent's nightmare is having a child go missing, under any circumstances. Now when you want to know where your children are you can simply request their location with iLoci2. When they respond you will see a Google map with their location pinpointed. End of worry! If they do not respond, then call, text, whatever. The beauty of this app is that they can let you know where they are without letting their friends know that they are "on a leash" with mommy and daddy. Brilliant! There are many more uses in the business and social world for locating friends and colleagues but keeping track of the kids is at the top of the list for me.

by AIM on 7/23/09
My daughter just loci'd me.(and she's 12). That alone having the PEACE of mind is incredible. This is BRILLIANT!

by Jeff on 7/22/09
I just downloaded iloci2 and I love it- my favorite app

by Pete on 7/22/09
The girl in the tutorial is fantastic- can I loci her?

by michelle on 7/21/09
wanted to check it out... thanks

by Tina on 7/21/09
I just think it's so amazing how you were able to take an idea and grow it into something so incredible. Pretty soon we will wonder how we lived without this!!

 iLOCI 2 :) 
by skinny on 7/16/09
wow a very cool app!!!

by Jon on 7/16/09
I like how easy it is to use your FAQ section- keep it up loci

 So Fast, So Cool 
by Bob on 7/15/09
I was lucky enough to see a demo of iLoci2 and was very impressed with how fast I was able to locate my friends and family members without having to call or text them. Highly recommended!

 got 2 have it 
by rc on 7/13/09
wow, this is amazing. I have four kids and cant wait to get this app. I know they're going to love it and it will definitely help me keep track of my posse.

 I love this people finding GPS stuff 
by Jeff on 7/13/09
so when can I buy iloci2

 Simple and Elegant 
by Drawbackwards on 7/6/09
only what you need, no more and definitely no less... definitely has some good applications for me.

 This app is amazing 
by Runner35 on 6/25/09
I love this GPS tracking feature on my iPhone. It comes in handy!

 My Favorite App from iTunes 
by Dont Touch on 6/25/09
I use LOCiMe on my Boat. It gives me peace of mind if I were to break down, I could be located.

 Real Estate Agent 
by Mitchell St Augustine on 6/25/09
Great App, I recently had to reinstall it too, and noticed the registration page has been updated! This version was so much easier to register compared to the last one. Thank you LOCi. I use this app to track mileage and time spent with customers.

by Jadampeas on 6/25/09
Love it!

 Very Accurate 
by skylake on 6/25/09
Very cool app, and some interesting ideas for this technology on the company website. Really good ideas for keeping tabs on loved ones young and old. Could bring peace of mind to many if developed out for sure.

 GPS Device 
by Acton Joe on 6/25/09
This is a cool app, and you can't beat it, it's free. It pinpoints your iPhone exactly. Nice gps.

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Already has a ton of great features but you seem to update it all the time. what's ...
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I just downloaded the new GPS Traking and the new facebook and turn by turn directions are great....
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