What’s new in GPS Tracking v1.2

January 27, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS | Comments (1)

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LOCiMOBILE released version 1.2 of their popular GPS Tracking App available for both iPhone and Android.

Some great improvements and additions to the already stable and robust app include the following.

Text messaging

By popular demand, LOCiMOBILE has added the text messaging feature because sometimes you need to send a little note along with your location. Now you can send text with your map. For example, “I’m running 5 minutes late” or “I’m just around the corner” or “I brought your check”. Text messaging is one of the handy new features in the GPS Tracking App.

Turn by Turn Directions

GPS Tracking allows you to see your location on the map, and to see your friend’s location on the map. Now you can get convenient turn by turn directions provided by Google Maps service. This service generally gives you the “fastest possible route” to your friend. You can even choose to view heavy traffic zones, which to avoid.

Pin Point Accuracy with Privacy

GPS Tracking is a very useful app for both iPhone and Android platforms. It’s easy to use. Provides a quick and easy map to your contacts. The privacy feature allows you to ignore requests from friends when you’re busy or don’t want to be found. Only send your location to those you trust.

The app comes in several varieties. A paid or unlimited version for iPhone for just $3.99. A free trial version for iPhone. To get the Android version, visit the Android Market on your mobile device and search for GPS Tracking.

Visit LOCiMOBILE.COM for more info.

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Turn by Turn Directions Pin Point Accuracy

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