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We appreciate your visit. Please note, we have moved our blog to the this address. Please continue to visit us there for the latest news, updates and support for LOCiMOBILE GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and Samsung mobile devices.

Of all the GPS apps there is only one GPS Tracking app.

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There are now over 6,000 location-based iPhone apps, 900 for the Android and 300 more BlackBerry apps. Only 43 of these location-based apps are currently available across all three mobile platforms – still fewer offer both free and paid versions. Eliminating the apps that are specific to travel and the ones supported by sharing your data with retailers – the social location aware app found on 300,000 smartphones in 80 countries is GPS Tracking.

Apple introduced the Top Grossing Downloads list to highlight differences between Top Downloaded and Top Revenue generating apps. GPS Tracking from LOCiMOBILE® makes both lists.

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Top 10 Highest Grossing and number 6 on the top 25 List!

:  “Nearly one-third of apps downloaded are purchased, up from 18% a year ago. Further, individual app prices have risen. The average paid app costs $2.85, compared with $1.99 last year.”

Yankee Group

According to the analysts at research firm Gartner, mobile application stores are expected to generate revenues of nearly $7 billion over the course of this year. (This is more than double their previous forecast)

Nearly a third of all apps downloaded today are purchased, compared with just 18 percent a year ago.

That figure is a combination of the $6.2 billion spent purchasing the mobile applications themselves combined with an additional $.6 billion generated through advertising revenues from in-app ads. Not surprisingly, Apple dominates this market, accounting for 99.4% of the market as of last year, states the report.

New revenue options are forecast: Up until now, App Store vendors have worked around the lack of a paid upgrade feature by offering different “versions” of their apps. Developers have been asking for an option like this since the beginning of the App Store — it looks like Apple might finally be listening.

The initial estimate of iPad sales is close to 6 million units by the end of 2010 and the GPS Tracking app can be found in the iTunes store available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Over 10 Billion Tweets Served

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The Internet’s premier hub for bite-sized conversation has reached a major milestone: according to tweet ID numbers, the sites users have surpassed 10 billion tweets. Only four months ago Twitter passed the 5 billion mark on the 140-character updates, used by everyone from publicity-hungry celebrities to protestors in Iran. The contents of tweet #10,000,000,000 are unknown, as the user has protected their updates, but #999,999,999 (a link to an gallery of urban photography) and #10,000,000,0001 (a simple phrase: “DON’T U EVER”) are viewable online.

GPS Tracking App by LOCiMOBILE hooks you up with Twitter and Facebook connect. With one click you can post a note along with your location to both Twitter and Facebook. What could be easier? Available for iPhone and Android platforms. Click here to learn more about GPS Tracking.

GPS Tracking App for iPhone Now Available

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GPS Tracking App for iPhone

GPS Tracking App for iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a GPS Tracking Device. Locate your friends fast. Send your location to others so they can find you quickly.

No need to have the application running, GPS Tracking works in the background. With the simple push of a button you can let people know where you are, or request their location. GPS Tracking populates your iPhone’s built-in Google Maps with the locations of people in your private opt-in buddy list, as soon as they approve your request.

It’s an interactive friend-finder, party-starter, child-locator, social networker and much more – a must have! 

Get LOCated, and LOCate others. Download GPS Tracking now (Free Lite Version=3 users, Full Version=unlimited users, more features coming soon.)  

View all GPS iPhone Apps at LOCiMOBILE.COM


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LOCiMOBILE GPS APPS have been downloaded in 50 countries. We are having a friendly competition to see which country will win the record for most LOCi downloads each week. The USA doesn’t count because we are a US company, but after the US we currently have Canada, UK, France, Australia, The Netherlands. Germany is very close to catching the Netherlands this week. Check out our Global Competition page for more exciting details. 

If you haven’t downloaded our GPS Apps for iPhone yet. What are you waiting for? Download the latest iPhone GPS Apps here.