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Enhance your business brand with GPS enabling Smartphone Apps

March 8, 2011 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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If knowing the where and when of your customer’s immediate location will provide your company or your clients with a real-time sales opportunity, an on the spot service call, an immediate face to face meeting, or ease of access to a difficult to find location, now is the time to offer your own branded GPS APP.

If you are managing a corporate or academic campus with hundreds or thousands of employees, numerous mobile assets with a variety of security concerns and need to know the answers to the who, where and when questions — then now is the time to provide people and asset tracking GPS services of your own.

If you monitor the location of people and property for a multinational enterprise and need to know now — the answer can be found at:

GTXCorp (GTXO.OB) can provide patent protected, field proven, seamless, cost-effective, private label solutions that will meet even the most demanding specifications.

GPS Tracking Apps installed on over 850,000 smart phones

February 18, 2011 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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GPS Tracking now available in 3 delicious Flavors

GPS Tracking Apps by LOCiMOBILE are installed on over 850,000 smart phones in over 106 countries. (see map) LOCiMOBILE is a leader in 2-way GPS Tracking Solutions providing the ability to find your loved ones quickly and easily with one touch of a finger. But don’t stop there, get creative with it; track your drivers in real-time, see when your relatives land at the airport… with turn by turn directions, you will never get lost again! See what GPS Tracking Technology can do for you.

Download Real-time GPS Tracking Apps for : iPhone | Android | Blackberry

LOCiMOBILE is a member of the GTX Corp GTXO family of products and services.

GPS Tracking Technology – How it works


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GPS Tracking Apps are available for most smartphones. Watch this video to learn how GPS Tracking Technology works and what it can do for you.

Download Real-time GPS Tracking Apps for : iPhone | Android | Blackberry

Tracking Pro - Real Time GPS TrackingGPS Tracking Apps by LOCiMOBILE, a member of the GTX Corp GTXO family of Products and Services.

Download Real-time GPS Tracking Apps for:
iPhone | Android | Blackberry

Compare all GPS Tracking Apps.

When don’t you have to look high and low for a GPS Tracking App?

February 9, 2011 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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When the GPS tracking apps from LOCiMOBILE are all ready embedded in the new Skytex Technology, Inc. 7” Android 2.2 tablet with wifi/GPS due for release in a couple of weeks.

Better still, the tablet is the perfect device to receive wandering and elopement alerts from those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and track them with the patented GPS Smart Shoes marketed by Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.

GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) a leader in enterprise 2 way GPS real-time Personal Location Services (PLS) was founded in 2002 and is based in Los Angeles, California with distributors in Mexico, Australia and Nepal and customers in 104 countries. GTX Corp utilizes the latest in miniaturized, low power consumption technology and offers a robust enterprise GPS and cellular location platform to track in real time the whereabouts of people, pets, vehicles and high valued assets which include grandma and grandpa.

The nobody’s else’s business, but your own – social check-in with extras.

November 23, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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 The LOCiMOBILE iCheck-In ™ does not need an app to let those in your contact list learn what you’re doing and where you’re at… IF and WHEN you want them to know.

 Introducing iCheck-in – the newest and most privacy protected solution to sharing your location with others of your choosing.

With a single click of a smartphone button an iCheck-In ™ is either sent as an e-mail or a direct posting to your Facebook wall.

What you send a contact includes; your what’s up message with a Google map and turn by turn directions to get from their wherever to where you are right now as an extra.

LOCiMOBILE is a business unit of GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO.OB). It has more than 750,000 personal location service users in 100 countries – from Kathmandu to Klamath Falls you can find people finding people with apps, devices and software you can’t find anywhere else. GTX Corp® utilizes the latest in miniaturized GPS and cellular location platforms enabling subscribers to track the whereabouts of; people, pets, vehicles or valued assets in real time through a proprietary end to end solution via smartphone apps, middleware, and viewing portals.

In the race for smartphone platform supremacy who is in the lead?

November 3, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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The U.S. smartphone market is booming. Nearing the end of the third quarter a range of analyst firms have posted their current figures on the market.

The figures do provide a clear picture of which platforms are accelerating in the U.S. smartphones market and from which platforms market share is being lost.

For developers these trends are essential for planning and development of new app and for what platform they will be offered. LOCiMobile has 17 apps which are currently available on multiple smartphone platforms.


Mobile Privacy 101:

October 30, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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If you are concerned about the possibility of accidentally exposing personal data such as your name, location or social connections with social sites or their advertisers, you will have to avoid social media and social networking — for the time being.

Clicking on an ad gives the destination website the precise web address from which you arrived. It’s the way the web works, and no one that is buying ads wants to change that MO as it is the basis of performance analytics. That’s exactly what happened at MySpace and it’s been a problem at Facebook as well.

It’s a problem with any website that aggregates visitor profiles or their data with click-through ads. The Wall Street Journal is justified for sharing with its readers the problem as they might not realize that absolute privacy is a virtual impossibility.

As more personal info is placed online, users are understandably skittish and angry about their data and appalled about even the most innocuous compromise to their privacy regardless of the promises of anonymity.

Having illuminated the problem, not all mobile applications that use subscriber data share that info with advertisers. Specifically, GTX Corp and its LOCiMOBILE GPS Tracking Apps are one of the exceptions. The personal ID data and the location data generated via the app is only shared between the subscribers that have opted to give and receive their locates. Safe and secure are more than claims, they are a credential.

GTX Corp is tracking: Google’s Android may be taking a trip down the Amazon

October 11, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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Although reports have recorded the growth of smartphones running on the Android platform have exceeded those on the Apple operating system, app developers remain ardent supporter of the iTunes App Store.

Analysts predict that Apple’s revenue from the store will rise from $425M in 2010 to $2.3B by 2015 – among them the top selling GTX Corp (GTXO) GPS Tracking and GeoTagging Apps from LOCiMOBILE

With an outlook as robust as this, one might expect that the Android Marketplace seeing these numbers  would invest in its user interface to build a positive consumer/developer franchise. Such is not the case as only 10% of developers polled have anything positive to say about the Google model.

Obviously this bodes well for Amazon, the newest app store contender. With its powerful cloud computing technology, near perfect transaction engine and monster data base the front runner may have to put on the speed to stay in front.

Our guess is that Bezos is going to make the pages of eBooks apps and make finding those apps very, very easy. Eliminating the hurdles to close a transaction is key to the user experience and Amazon’s patented one-click check-out has its advantages over Google’s. Bigger may not be better…yet.

Location App Privacy: a question asked and answered.

July 17, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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The great thing about personal location services is you and I can have instant access to a multi-billion government GPS technology enabling the display of the location of the people we know with a push of a button right on our smart-phones. As amazing as this opportunity is for each of us, displaying and sharing personal information with the assurance of privacy is a significant concern.

When people make personal information available, they make themselves vulnerable. To deal with their vulnerability people weigh both what they have to “give” and what they “get” when asking and answering personal information questions. It should come as no surprise that Pew research found that 85% of adults want to control access to their personal information because that something is publicly accessible doesn’t mean people want it to be publicized.

As Helen Nissenbaum of New York University has argued, “contextual integrity” is necessary for people to effectively manage their privacy. The mere threat of a breach of integrity is experienced as a violation of privacy as we have recently witnessed both with FaceBook and Google Buzz.

Providing and insuring control of personal privacy has been a fundamental precept for GTX Corp and its LOCiMOBILE GPS Tracking Apps. Sharing personal location information is kept securely between the people asking and answering the “where is” question in a peer to peer environment. No information is taken, stored, shared or used by anyone but the app’s subscribers. The keyword is “personal” location service.

App stores anticipated to generate $15 billion in 2013

July 13, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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With app store downloads topping 3.6 billion in 2009 and expected to grow to 6.6 billion this year, market research firm Futuresource Consulting forecasts downloads will leap to 16.2 billion in 2013, translating to worldwide revenues of close to $15 billion. According to Futuresource, more than 85 percent of existing app store downloads are free to consumers, a percentage expected to remain stable over the next few years–consumer spending is nevertheless surging, with the premium mobile app market from developers like GTX Corp continuing to expand their titles.

Futuresource says that, along with direct-per-pay downloads, its revenue projections incorporate indirect value-add services like in-app payments and subscriptions as LOCiMOBILE does with its new people finder TRACKING app. “Factor in mobile content revenues which fall beyond the world of the apps store–like direct downloads from gaming companies, handset manufacturers and operators, video downloads, music and ringtones–and the whole package will be worth $38 billion worldwide by 2013,” said Futuresource senior market analyst Patrik Pflandler in a prepared statement.

Futuresource adds that app stores also hold significant promise for non-smartphone devices like the forthcomong Samsung Bada OS tablets, and expects applications to become a major feature of connected TVs and Blu-ray players, with a particular emphasis on familiar apps and brands that fit comfortably within the viewer experience.