Research indicates that people are less concerned about their location being tracked if they find the service useful.

March 15, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)



While GPS technology is a one size fits all solution, each marketed application offers a unique bundle of services. The choice of application comes down to one’s personality; are you a social or a private person – the difference defines the degree of privacy needed to share personal information with others or not.

Position-aware services – when a mobile phone reacts to its own location like auto time zone change – were also perceived by researchers as less intrusive than the location-tracking applications like “friend finder” – a service based on one’s tracking another’s location – supporting the notion that people are more concerned for their privacy when others can track their location.

To soften the line between the two formats many developers have engaged in place-based locates linked to public establishments as meeting places to diffuse the privacy issue and underwrite the app with ad revenues. Other developers such as GTX Corp have elected to pin point the location of a subscriber’s GPS enabled phone, but only if the person being asked for their location gives their permission. The location is not published on the web, but only shared peer to peer between the app subscribers…with a text message and directions on how to rendezvous.

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