New App craze brings back the 1990’s

April 18, 2010 in GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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Every Portfolio manager I’ve ever known loves to find a sector with wind at it’s back..the early users of the “CrackBerry” knew (Nasdaq: RIMM) was the stock he/she needed to invest in because every person on Wall Street had one. This phenomena doesn’t occur often and RIMM”s are as rare as Australopithecus. I observe the current app craze as the new cycle for lightning quick revenues based on the size of the market itself. Certainly anyone with an iPhone or Android phone has imagined that they could build an app when they got home that night…I know I did.

I can tell you from experience that when Kleiner Perkins doubles the size of its venture fund specific to app’s you know your watching the ship turning in the harbor. This is a unique space with wind at it’s back and certainly the app’s market is a niche to watch, we found this company and had a chance to speak with Patrick Bertagna at GTX Corp (OTCBB:GTXO) its Founder/ Chairman and CEO. He had some interesting comments about how the company has evolved and found some traction with its wholly owned subsidiary LOCiMOBILE Inc. Bertagna commented “With 500 million smart phones entering the market place, I believe we are at the tip of the next disruptive wave. Apps will become as ubiquitous as the device they live on and that makes this new frontier a game changer” Certainly being on the iTunes top ten highest grossing list puts us at the forefront of this coming wave.”

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