Necessity may well be the mother of invention and app pie alternatives.

March 12, 2010 in LOCiMOBILE | Comments (1)


With so many hungry for a slice of the ever growing app pie, even a small slice can get quite expensive. For developers with egos to match their appetites, but only loose change to get a seat at the table other menus need to be cooked up.

Bango surveyed more than 400 app developers and content providers in the United States and Europe, and the results revealed that nearly half of developers plan to monetize their applications outside iTunes, Android Market and AppWorld.

With mobile Web browser and GPS capabilities continuing to improve, many are starting to see the benefits of browser-based distribution over which they have fiscal and marketing control. Will the consumer go elsewhere to satisfy their lust for the latest and greatestā€¦.we think that marketing with incentives will have a voice and the ear of the marketplaceā€¦but not today.

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