Location App Privacy: a question asked and answered.

July 17, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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The great thing about personal location services is you and I can have instant access to a multi-billion government GPS technology enabling the display of the location of the people we know with a push of a button right on our smart-phones. As amazing as this opportunity is for each of us, displaying and sharing personal information with the assurance of privacy is a significant concern.

When people make personal information available, they make themselves vulnerable. To deal with their vulnerability people weigh both what they have to “give” and what they “get” when asking and answering personal information questions. It should come as no surprise that Pew research found that 85% of adults want to control access to their personal information because that something is publicly accessible doesn’t mean people want it to be publicized.

As Helen Nissenbaum of New York University has argued, “contextual integrity” is necessary for people to effectively manage their privacy. The mere threat of a breach of integrity is experienced as a violation of privacy as we have recently witnessed both with FaceBook and Google Buzz.

Providing and insuring control of personal privacy has been a fundamental precept for GTX Corp and its LOCiMOBILE GPS Tracking Apps. Sharing personal location information is kept securely between the people asking and answering the “where is” question in a peer to peer environment. No information is taken, stored, shared or used by anyone but the app’s subscribers. The keyword is “personal” location service.

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