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Code Mobile Alerts Available Now

Code Mobile Alerts Available Now

Code Mobile delivers missing persons information like no other App. It is the first socially conscience dynamic App that works in the background utilizing Apple’s “Push Notification” and Location Services to provide live alerts of missing person’s within a subscriber’s proximity. Unlike other apps which are basically no more than an open browser window into a national data base, Code Mobile was architected from the ground up by the leaders in the industry- Code Amber News Service. We took 7 years of experience; our number 1 ranked service for reporting missing person’s information in real time to millions of concerned citizens and created a solution for the person on the go.

Our custom database pushes out notifications based on last known information and utilizing your iPhone Location Services for proximity, so you receive timely, sensitive information all in the background- allowing you to go about your business but still be in the know when it comes to our nation’s largest problem- Missing Children and Wandering Seniors.

For these reasons, Code Mobile is the best people finder App:

  • Notifications come from our state of the art database, which means you receive current information; when a person first goes missing, when there is a status update and when the alert is resolved- you receive that information directly on your iPhone
  • Notifications come to you based on timing and proximity- the closer you are to a current situation is when you get notified.
  • Notifications are delivered through “Push Notification” Apples latest 3.0 service which allows us to deliver data to you as it becomes available. The App does not have to be on, nor do you have to go retrieve the information
  • Notifications are not limited to just Amber Alerts- Code Mobile publishes multiple missing person alerts- offering you more information
  • “Report a Sighting”- first dynamic App that allows you to report a sighting of a missing person via e-mail right from your phone, direct to our Tip Hotline! Or call the authorities in charge of the case.

Join the millions of current Code Amber News Service subscribers, download CodeMobile, the best missing persons App, and become part of the solution.

Thank you for being a socially proactive person- Code Mobile and You– the better people finder.

Available in the iTunes App Store

Available in the iTunes App Store

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