Mobile Personal Location Services on the Move — the pin marks your spot. Mobile GPS technology first became available a few years ago and as the performance increased and cost decreased of mobile handsets—especially smart phones—the technology became more feasible to launch in consumer friendly apps. eMarketer estimates there will be over 63 million location-based service users worldwide this year, and 486 million by 2012.

The Loci Mobile suite of applications transforms your smart phone into a real time 2 way GPS personal location transceiver, letting friends, co-workers and loved ones know; where you are, where you have been, how fast you are moving and what direction you are heading. Created by GTX Corp, a leader in 2-way GPS personal location services (GPS/PLS) Loci Mobile, Inc is continuing to pave the way for innovative geo specific and proximity alerting applications that help you everyday know where someone is.

The first of several apps – LociMe is a phone resident application that uses your mobile handset’s internal GPS (or Cell/WiFi) location services to determine the cell phone’s latitude/longitude. LociMe utilizes the phone’s cell based web services (HTTP) and transmits your latitude and longitude coordinates to the GTX/PLS Portal.

The next in the suite is iLOCi2- an interactive people finder. Push a button and know instantly where a friend, co- worker, child or loved is. It’s simple to use and a must have in today’s busy life style. Check out this video and learn more how iLOCi2 is the one app you must have.

Click here to learn more about the LOCiMOBILE suite of GPS applications for smart phones.

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