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Sacramento Californian- October 28, 2010 Empire Sales Incorporated and Code Amber News Service team up to work together as Empire Sales knocks on the doors of America to promote Awareness for Missing Children. From city to city across the nation, Empire Sales with its full-time team members plan to go door to door raising awareness on how to increase literacy and keep children safe. Over the next 12 months, Empire Sales plans to cover 30 states and over 1,000 communities.

Since 2002 CANS has reached an audience of 1.9 billion through its web site tickers and point of display feeds presented through our strategic relationships; including other media outlets, retail merchants, internet service providers, mobile smartphone apps, corporate sponsors, affiliate partners, federal, state and local agencies as well as concerned citizens. and Code Mobile now reach over 500,000 web sites, smartphones and personal desktops across the globe. No other news means so much to so many. CANS is a wholly owned subsidiary of GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO), a leader in two-way GPS Tracking / Personal Location Services, committed to pioneering, creating, and delivering GPS Applications that keep you connected to whom and what matters most.

About Code Amber News Service, Code Amber Alertag and Code Mobile

Mobile Privacy 101:

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If you are concerned about the possibility of accidentally exposing personal data such as your name, location or social connections with social sites or their advertisers, you will have to avoid social media and social networking — for the time being.

Clicking on an ad gives the destination website the precise web address from which you arrived. It’s the way the web works, and no one that is buying ads wants to change that MO as it is the basis of performance analytics. That’s exactly what happened at MySpace and it’s been a problem at Facebook as well.

It’s a problem with any website that aggregates visitor profiles or their data with click-through ads. The Wall Street Journal is justified for sharing with its readers the problem as they might not realize that absolute privacy is a virtual impossibility.

As more personal info is placed online, users are understandably skittish and angry about their data and appalled about even the most innocuous compromise to their privacy regardless of the promises of anonymity.

Having illuminated the problem, not all mobile applications that use subscriber data share that info with advertisers. Specifically, GTX Corp and its LOCiMOBILE GPS Tracking Apps are one of the exceptions. The personal ID data and the location data generated via the app is only shared between the subscribers that have opted to give and receive their locates. Safe and secure are more than claims, they are a credential.

GPS Camera for iPhone is a Must Have App

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gps camera is a must have iphone app

GPS Camera is a must have iPhone app

If you take pictures with your iPhone, GPS Camera is a definite “must have” App.

It’s simple and useful… Every picture you take with the GPS Camera app will automatically save your location and the time and date when the picture was taken.

So imagine looking through a bunch of pictures in the future and knowing where and when that picture was taken, yes pretty useful.

The app also let’s you add a message to the pic and e-mail or update your Facebook.

“The Girls in Vegas” with a date and location will stay with that picture forever, so no worries that in 5 years while looking at old photo’s you won’t remember where and when that great shot was taken.

So next time you say “say cheese” make sure you have GPS Camera loaded on your iPhone.

Download to iPhone click here or search GPS Camera on the iTunes app strore.

Another great App from the leaders in

Android users search twice as much as iPhone subscribers.


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Google smartly views search, and the ads accompanying it, the ROI for its affiliates and investors. Google said that mobile searches are more valuable to mobile operators as they also earn money from the ads.

Google announced a $1 billion annualized run rate for mobile — which covers phones, tablets, and “other devices.” Mobile searches also grew five times over previous years — although that’s not much of a surprise given Android’s massive ramp-up over the twelve months.

In comparison to search and ads, Google doesn’t expect its Android Mobile Market to be much of a revenue maker… unless the app promotes sales with Google Checkout, consumer advertising and or searching for people with GPS TRACKING APPS which bodes well for GTX Corp and its LOCiMOBILE subsidiary.

As Android becomes more popular, and mobile users begin to rely on Google’s search and services more, the company expects the modality to generate greater profits than PCs do today.

GTX Corp is tracking: Google’s Android may be taking a trip down the Amazon

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Although reports have recorded the growth of smartphones running on the Android platform have exceeded those on the Apple operating system, app developers remain ardent supporter of the iTunes App Store.

Analysts predict that Apple’s revenue from the store will rise from $425M in 2010 to $2.3B by 2015 – among them the top selling GTX Corp (GTXO) GPS Tracking and GeoTagging Apps from LOCiMOBILE

With an outlook as robust as this, one might expect that the Android Marketplace seeing these numbers  would invest in its user interface to build a positive consumer/developer franchise. Such is not the case as only 10% of developers polled have anything positive to say about the Google model.

Obviously this bodes well for Amazon, the newest app store contender. With its powerful cloud computing technology, near perfect transaction engine and monster data base the front runner may have to put on the speed to stay in front.

Our guess is that Bezos is going to make the pages of eBooks apps and make finding those apps very, very easy. Eliminating the hurdles to close a transaction is key to the user experience and Amazon’s patented one-click check-out has its advantages over Google’s. Bigger may not be better…yet.