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An iPad with the GPS Tracking app is the new road warrior

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Plot the location of family, friends and co-workers from your outlook contacts, Facebook or Twitter followers mapped with turn-by-turn directions or a Google street wise view – even attach a TXT message and a photo – all with just one click.

Grab the GPS Tracking app from LOCiMOBILE in the iTunes Store and you will always have the answer to the “where is…?” question.

GPS Tracking on the iPad is So Cool!

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GPS Tracking by LOCiMOBILE was just released on the iPad. Check out the video for some cool new features only available in the iPad version.

LOCiMOBILE Releases GPS Tracking for iPad


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LOCiMOBILE, member of the GTX Corp (GTXO.OB) family of products and services, announced the release of their popular people-finder app, GPS Tracking for the iPad.

Currently sitting at #2 on iTunes highest ranked Social Networking category, with over 400,000 downloads in 82 countries worldwide, GPS Tracking is certainly a must-have-app!

What can users do with GPS Tracking?
One click and friends can find each other at the mall, amusement park, or concert. Parents can locate their children after school, with friends, or on the go. Employers can locate employees in the field, or at conventions. These are just some of the possibilities that GPS Tracking provides.

Deemed a futuristic concept in science fiction movies only a few years ago, GPS Tracking has fueled an explosion in location-based check-in technology—but GTX Corp has been a leader in this space for eight years—putting GPS tracking technology in the hands of athletes, health care professionals—even in shoes—and now, perhaps everyone with a smartphone.

And that’s not all – you can send your location to a friend (or all your friends at once), upload your location to Facebook or Twitter, even see where all your friends are at the same time on one convenient map. How cool is that? “Hey, I didn’t know Carla was next door – I’m going to go surprise her.” You starting to see how cool GPS People-Finding technology is?

iPad, iPod and iPhone owners can download GPS Tracking at iTunes.

Android owners please search for “GPS Tracking” at the Android Market.

Download Statistics for iPhone Apps

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1. Canada
(holding strong)
2. United Kingdom
(making a move)
3. France
(falls 1 spot)
4. Singapore
(holding strong)
5. Australia
(holding strong)

As alwasy, a very strong fight between United Kingdom and France as they tried to catch Canada this week in our “GPS Apps download statistics by a country” contest.

Here at LOCiMOBILE, we hold a friendly competition to see which country will download the most iPhone GPS Apps each week.

Singapore holds their fourth place title tightly this week as Australia gave it a good effort almost catching Singapore in a close race for fourth. France fell 1 spot behind a strong UK and Canada. Will the French fight back? Only time will tell.

Australia is trailing in 5th place, but way ahead of hundreds of other countries who have also downloaded GPS Tracking Apps this week.  It will be interesting to see if the Germans and The Netherlands can push Australia off the chart and make the top 5 next week.

Monitor the competition closely to see how it all unfolds by visiting the LOCiMOBILE GLOBAL DOWNLOADS page.

LOCiMOBILE makes GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone. Their newest iPhone app “GPS Tracking” made the iTunes top 25 download list. To learn more, please visit

How to Use GPS Tracking v2.x for iPhone and Android

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It really is that easy to track your family, friends and coworkers using GPS Tracking.

  • Turn by Turn Directions.
  • Facebook and Twitter Connect.
  • Map tab conveniently shows all your contacts on one screen.
  • Photo uploads.

GPS Tracking is currently available for iPhone (including iPod and iPad) & Android smart phones.

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GPS Tracking Makes Top Grossing Apps on iTunes

May 10, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (2)

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Top Grossing Apps on iTunes

Top Grossing Apps on iTunes

GPS Tracking is blowing by the competition in the iTunes Store as iPhone users discover how useful and indespensible the app really is. Hitting number 2 on the iTunes Top Grossing Apps is no small feat. We thank you for your support and use of GPS Tracking.

Once deemed a futuristic concept in science fiction movies, the ability to locate all your friends, family and coworkers instantly at the touch of a button has arrived. It’s really here and it’s so simple to use.

iPhone users can try GPS Tracking Lite for free, or buy the full-featured version for the price of a cup of Jo.

Android users please search for “GPS Tracking” in the Android Market for both the Lite and full featured versions.

Hundreds of thousands of users can’t be wrong. Try GPS Tracking today and let us know what you think.

GPS Tracking Apps are for tracking people not places

May 7, 2010 in GPS TRACKING APPS,GTXCORP,LOCiMOBILE | Comments (0)

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If you are looking for the answer to the “where is” question you have found the answer; the better people finder iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps are available from LOCiMOBILE®.

The GPS Tracking App can find one person or groups of people and do so accurately, quickly and privately with a touch of a button. Without ads, badges, check-ins, promotions or gimmicks. The apps will locate a staff of mobile sales people, an extended family, or the kids at the park. With TXT messaging and photos it’s possible to personalize your locate requests while assuring absolute privacy to everyone.

Hundreds of thousand of subscribers use the Apps everyday in 80 countries making it one of the top 25 free and top 10 paid options in the iPhone store. Your network is right in your contact list.