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iLOCi2 on Good Morning America

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GOOD MORNING AMERICA viewers: if you are looking for the app featured on the show, Search on iTunes under iLOCi2 or GTX Corp.

Keep Track of Your Kids This Summer

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The Locimobile – as seen on ABC’s Good Morning America

Those of you with iPhone know that there are many GPS applications. One of the latest is the Locimobile. Ideal for the 3.0 family (you and your teen need to have the phone). You download the app to your phones, and then your teen lets you check on his or her whereabouts, perhaps in exchange for getting an iPhone in the first place.

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iLOCi2 is available on iTunes

July 19, 2009 in LOCiMOBILE | Comments (1)

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the launch of iLOCi2 – the One-Click GPS Friend Finder, Party Starter, Daughter & Son Locator, Parent Finder, Social Networking tool. The wait is over, click here to download iLOCi2 today. 

Can you walk me thru the steps of setting up iLOCi2 once I have downloaded it? Absolutely. Click here for the interactive iLOCi2 tutorial.